Samresh Ramjith

Deputy CISO, ABSA Group

Samresh is the newly appointed Deputy CISO at ABSA Group. Prior to joining the Bank, he was a Partner at EY and their Africa Cyber security Leader. He has over 18 years of experience in the cyber security space and has worked with large financial services, telecommunications and public sector organisations across Africa.

With a career rooted in system engineering, Samresh started his career in telecommunications – implementing value added systems for the major carriers in South Africa. He became fascinated with how billing systems could be subverted which has led to a further 18 years of study and work in the cybersecurity field across sectors in Africa. Samresh is also a frequent presenter at conferences and shares knowledge actively as part of roundtable and focused events. He actively engages the African market with a view to improve cybersecurity capability for the protection of public and private enterprises.