Kirsty Chadwick

Group CEO, The Training Room Online

Kirsty Chadwick’s beginnings were seeded by ambition and a fervour to make a positive change on the world. She was born in New Zealand and quickly developed a love for music culminating in her becoming a concert pianist, gaining a degree in music, and receiving an LTLC from Trinity College in London. She applied the same dedication and discipline required to reach that level, to her increasing passion for education, and the lives and communities it could benefit.

After obtaining a teaching diploma, she became the youngest executive on the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers Union and later established the Young Teachers Network, which encouraged and supported young educators to join and remain in the profession.


Since founding TTRO in 2008, the past decade has given Kirsty a wealth of experience in designing learning solutions that use technology as a core enabler to transform educational and learning experiences. She has been involved in numerous projects across all phases of lifelong learning, within both the public and private sectors.

Kirsty is passionate about achieving her vision of using technology to bridge the divide to accessibility of quality education in emerging and developing markets. She believes in transferring knowledge and skill, building capacity and capability, and that the future of learning for all of us will be digitally enabled within the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond.