Coenie Middel, Founder & Partner, Middel & Partners

Coenie Middel

Founder and Partner, Middel & Partners

Coenie Middel is a chartered accountant/ businessman whose significant experience in business and technical competency has allowed him to develop a wide variety of businesses with great success.  His qualification as a chartered accountant in 1992 and his experience gained at Deloitte’s Financial Management Services ensured his technical competency.  Since 1992 Coenie established and developed Middel & Partners Chartered Accountants as one of the most innovative consulting firms in the country.

Middel & Partners has allowed Coenie to guide many of his clients to great success. His substantial experience and involvement in the advertising industry makes Coenie invaluable in bringing marketing and finance together. His ability to make advertising measurable combined with a clear business strategy is proving to be a success story.  He has been able to develop businesses in a short period together with making the brand known in a short time.